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Forgotten Heroes From Jack Kirby

    Jack Kirby’s disenchantment with the comic industry led him to find refuge in the world of animation, a realm where he sought a fresh start. He collaborated with the dynamic duo of Joe Ruby and Ken Spears, who were at the pinnacle of 1970s animation, during an era when cartoons were primarily reserved for Saturday morning entertainment. Notably, some of the imaginative artwork crafted by Jack Kirby for their studio recently resurfaced, gaining newfound attention in the media.

    While it’s true that Jack Kirby may not have produced his most outstanding work during the later stages of his career, he still managed to extract brilliance from his vintage creations. Thundarr the Barbarian, a show brimming with his artistic influence, found a dedicated following and enjoyed a modest run, until concerns arose that impressionable children might be tempted to emulate the show’s sword-wielding barbarian, leading to potentially dangerous real-life swordplay.

    Regrettably, many of Jack’s other projects never made it to the small screen, leaving us to ponder whether, given more time and evolving viewing habits and tastes, they might have found their way into the hearts of audiences. With the emergence of MTV and the transformation of viewers’ preferences, Jack Kirby made one last attempt to return to the comic industry after a brief stint in Hollywood. See gallery>