Hot Stuff


Harvey Comics Classics Volume 3: Hot Stuff

Hot Stuff was created in 1957 by Alfred Harvey the publisher Harvey Comics. Hot Stuff managed to spin-off 4 titles till it was cancelled in 1982 and sporadically appeared here and there till 1992. Harvey Comics was a big publishing company till the 80’s were the same old tired gimmicky characters waned and kids lost interest.  Dark Horse is printing their third book based on the Harvey classic characters, and Hot Stuff will finally get his turn. Enjoying success with Casper and Richie Rich, Dark Horse is printing a trove of the best stories illustrated by some of the best artists and writers of the time that spun stories of Hot Stuff. I am surprised no pitchforks were marched to the headquarters of Alfred Harvey with the devil connotations of Hot Stuff. It was a devil on an idea and the character is still alive in the underground culture with tattoos, t-shirts and key chains and other illegal paraphernalia . Well he is getting his devil’s due the year from Dark Horse.


Who’s the hot-headed little devil with a tail as pointed as his personality? It’s Hot Stuff! This adorably mischievous imp has delighted comics fans since the 1950s, and now Dark Horse is proud to present a new collection of over 100 of the funniest (and hottest!) classic Harvey Comics cartoons featuring Hot Stuff and his pals. Harvey Comics Classics Volume 3: Hot Stuff brings back the beautifully imaginative artwork, inspired humor, and long-out-of-print stories featuring the adventures of the sprightly little demon, his pals the Devil Kids, Stumbo the Giant and other timeless favorites.