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How Much It Costs to Propose at Every Major League Baseball Stadium


    Just how much does it cost to propose to your loved one at a baseball park? Guys are suckers for punishment. How could your honey turn you down at a baseball game in front of over 30, 000 plus people? Stranger things have happened. I guess marriage at times is like baseball. Swimmingly  contacted all 30 major baseball teams to find out the cost of a marriage proposal at each park.  The prices can range from $39 (Pirates) to $2500(Dodgers) for each proposal depending on the team. I was surprised to learn that some teams frown on the practice even though the money goes to charity.  The Blues Jays, Orioles, Angles, Royals and Mets are not romantics at heart, they do not allow marriage proposals at their ballparks.

    Though all proceeds go to charity, exactly what’s offered in a proposal package varies tremendously from ballpark to ballpark — some teams even offer multiple price points. The Indians’ fireworks proposal could be the most romantic option, but the Phillies’ four-ticket package is a surprisingly good value. Of course, if you’re feeling thrifty, you could always tuck a ring in your pocket, wait for a pitching change, then pop the question the old-fashioned way. Here’s hoping that — either way — you don’t strike out.

    Tony M.