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How to Listen to Bob Dylan Guide

    Bob Dylan is a pioneer to many and some like Joni Mitchell will say he is a plagiarist and that his whole discography is a rip-off of other artists before him. One thing is for sure, his voice is an acquired taste. Dubbed by some as one of the worst singers in the world. For those not aware of his extensive body of work, there is a guide on How to Listen to Bob Dylan. Like or hate him, there there is something in his music for everybody. Printable Guide (pdf)

    how to listen to bob dylan

    To be sure, Bob Dylan, like great Scotch—is an acquired taste. Yes, his voice is “nasally.” Yes, his inflection is odd. Yes, he can be hard to understand and way off-key. Yet, his sound, his instrumentation and above all his songs can be salvation to the ears of those who learn to appreciate him.