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How to make a mini dancing inflatable tube man

    Want to make your own wacky waving inflatable arm flailing Tube Man? You-tuber, Dinaa Amin guides through the process of making those cute mini air dancers.

    “I wanted to teach myself a Lil bit of hardware and electronics, so I made him out of old broken stuff that I learnt how to fix! I fixed the hairdryer motor, adaptor and switch! I am not an engineer by any means! I made so many mistakes in the process, (including electrifying myself 3 times) and documented parts of it! Didn’t want to make hours of video, so this is a short “tutorial” with a tiny bit of explanation.”

    Fun Fact: Peter Minshall, an artist from Trinidad and Tobago, came up with the Tube Man, and it was developed by a team that included Israeli artist Doron Gazit and Arieh Dranger, for the 1996 Summer Olympics. Minshall originally called his invention the “Tall Boy”.

    Tony M.