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I Luv Halloween

    If you missed the boat, manga has landed on Plymouth. You can take it or leave it. Many North American artists and writers are making the jump to manga. I Luv Halloween is a perfect example of this, Keith Giffen both writer/artist extraordinaire has made the leap to manga. His "I Luv Halloween" is already at Volume 3 and gaining popularity. It’s becoming a tradition each year to release a new volume before each Halloween. As most manga, this particular fare is for the older kids, be warned.

    They say bad things come in threes, and this third round of trick o’ treating is a close encounter of the twisted kind. We won’t completely spoil the surprise, but this volume inlcudes an alien invasion, defiled corpses, more lame candy, and some new, sick characters, including Kevin Kyle Kramer–a.k.a Triple K–and Monica, a charming thirteen-year-old who really REALLY hates dogs. This Halloween, you won’t know what crazy is…

    Tony M.