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IBM 100 Years Old This Year

    There are not too many companies in the United States that are over 100 years. IBM is turning 100 years this year. IBM has been the backbone of many industries and played a significant role in shaping the 20th century. Some of man’s greatest accomplishments are tied to IBM. The greatest minds have passed through the IBM doors and will continue to open new ones in the future. The very computer that stands in front of you is thanks to the hard work of IBM and all the people that dared to bring the future to your hands.

    In some corners people joke that IBM stands for “I Built Microsoft”. There is a grain of truth to that statement.

    In 1924, the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company adopted the name International Business Machines Corporation. The ornate, rococo letters that formed the “CTR” logo were replaced by the words “Business Machines” in more contemporary sans-sarif type, and in a form intended to suggest a globe, girdled by the word “International.” More on IBM logo history>>

    Tony M.