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Insight Editions announces spectacular DUNE PART ONE: THE PHOTOGRAPHY

    Dune Photography Cover

    Frank Herbert’s classic book Dune and Hollywood have a weird relationship. Two movie versions of the book have been produced with polar reviews by fans and creators. David Lynch on Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation of Dune: “I will never watch it, and I don’t even want you to tell me about it, ever.”

    The recent Dune incarnation on screen is a thing of beauty with its exotic locations. Insight Editions Announces DUNE PART ONE: THE PHOTOGRAPHY captures an otherly world that Frank Herbert would be proud of. Even if you are not into Dune, this book will jump-start your imagination into the realms of Frank Herbert as created by the onscreen visionary Denis Villeneuve.

    Insight Editions Announces DUNE PART ONE: THE PHOTOGRAPHY (on-sale July 25, 2023) – A Collection of Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes, On-Location Dune Photography by Unit photographer Chiabella James.

    From the cliffs of Norway to the deserts of Jordan, unit photographer Chiabella James was on set to capture every moment of Dune, director Denis Villeneuve’s Oscar-nominated sci-fi epic based on Frank Herbert’s classic novel. DUNE PART ONE: THE PHOTOGRAPHY is curated from thousands of stills shot throughout the filming of Dune. This deluxe volume compiles the most compelling photos to form a remarkable visual journey that fully captures the unique spirit of the production. Encompassing the epic vistas witnessed on-location shoots, through to candid moments between Villeneuve and key cast members including Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Isaac, Josh Brolin, Zendaya, Sharon Duncan-Brewster, and Jason Momoa, this book also features a foreword by executive producer Tanya Lapointe (The Art and Soul of Dune), a preface by Ferguson, and an afterword by Brian Herbert. 

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