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Jack Kirby’s Fourth World Omnibus

    Growing up in the 70’s was an exciting time when comic great Jack Kirby jumped ship from Marvel to DC Comics and took with him his greatest stories.  Many will tell you that his work for The New Gods was his most  engrossing and creative since he started creating comics in the 40’s. Jack Kirby and Stan Lee were responsible for the creation of today’s top super-heroes at Marvel, and depending who you ask either from the Lee or Kirby camp, they will argue that Kirby was the mastermind behind most of the characters.  Lee will squabble that he is the one who concocted all the characters.  The test of time might argue otherwise, Jack’s Fourth World comics are so complex and have stood the test of time as collectors still clamor this tome of work. Now they are collected as they were intended by Jack Kirby, he invisoned a grand scale telling of his characters.  The sales said the opposite and most books were cancelled before even most stories took off, but the ripples of the Fourth World mythos would spread into other books for the next 37 years.

    After co-creating comic book heroes including The Fantastic Four and The Hulk, legendary writer/artist Jack Kirby came to DC Comics in 1970 to write and illustrate four interlocking series known collectively as "The Fourth World." Now, for the first time, DC collects these four series — THE NEW GODS, THE FOREVER PEOPLE, MISTER MIRACLE and SUPERMAN’S PAL JIMMY OLSEN — in chronological order as they originally appeared. These comics spanned galaxies, from the streets of Metropolis to the far-flung worlds of New Genesis and Apokolips, as cosmic-powered heroes and villains struggled for supremacy. Volume 1 features the debuts of Orion of the New Gods, the evil Darkseid, super-escape artist Mister Miracle and many others. It also features numerous appearances by Superman.