Kindle: Amazon’s New Wireless Reading Device

Could you imagine if you were able to carry all your books in your palm with some kind of gadget that would let you view all your books. That would put Ikea of of business. No more bookshelves, just scroll and you are there. Are we there yet? Well Amazon latest gadget Kindle would like you to think so. You got to buy at least 10 books to get that type of technology which is equivalent to a price tag of three hundred and ninety-nine dollars. The device is almost there but not quite. It’s an ugly bland little thing. The Sony E-reader is slicker and one hundred dollars cheaper. This technology has been around for ages, but never mined to make money for all. I would like to be kind to Kindle, but it just looks like it needs a big upgrade already. If Apple designed this, it would look appealing. It looks a bit like a Commodore Computer. With a price like this, you are better at getting a laptop. I understand the mobility aspect, but something is just off. Oh could it be that it does not accept pdf files, only .amz files. Boys you better go back to the laboratory and tool it out a bit, I think I have to hide this gadget folded with a newspaper to cover the shame of the design. What is with the name?