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MAKE: Halloween Special Edition

    MAKE: Technology on Your Time

    MAKE: Technology on Your Time

    While doing research for the new Sandbox World Halloween edition, I came across a future all Halloween magazine from MAKE. The cover really gets your attention, over 42 fun projects for this Halloween that would turn Dr. Frankenstein green with envy. If you are into gadgets and at one time and you had a free Radio Shack battery club membership (eons ago) and where into those build it yourself transistor radios and CB receivers, then Make is for you. It’s a bit of everything for everybody. This is a winner, Seth is the illustrator for this cover. No not Seth Green, Canada’s own and original award winning cartoonist of Drawn and Quarterly fame and known for his languid pace on drawing his renowned Palookaville strip.

    From out of nowhere, MAKE has rapidly become one of the hottest new magazines to hit the newsstands. Often coined “the bible of the Tech DIY movement” MAKE has coalesced a passionate if rather unorthodox following of geeks, gearheads, tech enthusiasts, hackers, tinkerers and artists united by a common compulsion to reconfigure the technology in their lives; even when it means violating a manufacturer’s warranty or two.

    Through the brilliantly written and beautifully illustrated magazine, podcasts and website, the MAKE team has already won broad acclaim for their clear yet down-to-earth coverage and uncanny instinct for what moves Makers, and their ability to nail the curiosity, vibrance, and passion of the rapidly emerging “tech DIY” movement.

    Tony M.