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Mélanie Watt’s Chester


    It’s full "Wattage" for Mélanie, Chester the cat and mouse all live in a home reminiscent of Virginia Lee Burton’s The Little House. Here in this halcyon abode, wits are fought by the three to deliver a tale written on paper. Chester the cerebral saboteur re-writes a story commenced by Mélanie.  Mélanie Watt of Scaredy Squirrel fame delivers a unique story of a story within a story. Or more precisely a book within a book. The simple complicity of the story will amuse kids, my daughter is a big fan of Scaredy Squirrel and Chester will endear her intellectual appetite to read. Read more>>

    Mélanie Watt starts out with the story of a mouse in a house. Then Mélanie’s cat, Chester, sends the mouse packing and proceeds to cover the pages with rewrites from his red marker, and the gloves are off.

    Mélanie and her mouse won’t take Chester’s antics lying down. And Chester is obviously a creative powerhouse with confidence to spare. Where will this war of the picture-book makers lead? Is it a one-way ticket to Chesterville, or will Mélanie get her mouse production off the ground?

    Tony M.