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Microsoft’s ‘Journal’ uses AI to enhance notetaking experience

    microsoft notettaking journal

    Embrace the fact that AI is here to stay. Journal, a Windows-based notetaking application, utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to offer an ink-focused solution. With Journal, users can effortlessly record their ideas and produce sketches using a digital pen on a canvas that is page-oriented. Moreover, Journal enables the importation of PDF files, which can be annotated with ink. To prioritize privacy and performance, Journal connects to Microsoft 365 and executes AI processing on the device itself.

    AI enriches the journaling experience in multiple ways. It facilitates natural gestures like the underlining text to convert it into a heading, crossing out words to delete them, or encircling content to select it. It is also capable of recognizing handwritten text and shapes, empowering users to search for and edit them. Additionally, the app incorporates smart ink cues that provide context-based suggestions for actions, such as creating a task or sending an email.

    Tony M.