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MS Paint World


    MS Paint is the free painting program that comes with Windows. Not much you can really do with that program, that is good news for Adobe. Not too many people paint with it or even know where it is nestled. Since Windows 95 till Windows XP, there has not been much change. It’s not exactly a friendly program to use. Why would anybody want to paint with it is beyond me. 15 year old digital paint aficionado who goes by the handle of Scorpiongold took 4 years to paint Hieronymus Bosch’s “The Garden of Earthly Delights” meets Where’s Waldo montage. The canvas size is a whopping 8883 X 7636 pixels (7.5-foot by 8.2-foot). He reminds us it was not a daily chore but random inspiration when it hit him to continue working on it. The amazing thing about the work is the tenacity of using MS Paint as a tool. Well done.

    Tony M.