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New Apple Watch X coming in 2024 with blood pressure tracking

Apple is gearing up for a significant leap forward by introducing an impressive upgrade referred to as the “Watch X,” as reported by Bloomberg.

The upcoming Watch X is said to boast a notably slimmer casing, representing a notable evolution in design aesthetics. Apple’s ingenious designers are even contemplating the integration of a magnetic band that not only exudes sleekness but also occupies a reduced footprint compared to the original bands featured on the Apple Watch. This marks a strategic move towards optimizing comfort and style for wearers.

As part of its technological advancements, the Watch X is rumored to sport a microLED display. This innovation promises an enhanced visual experience characterized by superior color reproduction and heightened clarity, further enhancing the user’s interaction with the device’s interface.

Apple is reportedly pushing the boundaries of health monitoring with the Watch X, providing users with the capability to monitor their blood pressure. This health-focused feature underscores Apple’s commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology into daily life, transforming the smartwatch into a multifunctional device that goes beyond mere timekeeping.

Apple’s plans for the 10th-anniversary celebration of its smartwatch involve the introduction of the Watch X, a device set to redefine aesthetics, visual quality, and health monitoring within the realm of wearable technology.