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New card game Master Dater from Cyanide & Happiness

    Master Dater from Cyanide & Happiness card game

    If you are a fan of Cyanide & Happiness, you will love the new card game called Master Dater.

    In Master Dater, the newest card game from Cyanide & Happiness, players vie for each others’ attention and affection by creating perfect, horrible dates pandering to particular dating interests. Combine a head and a body into an ideal match, and argue your way into the heart of the sexy single. Defeat your rivals, and win at love!

    Master Dater from Cyanide & Happiness card game

    Become the eye-catching Sexy Single in this three to six-person speed dating game of cut-throat comedy. Watch as the potential paramours take form from Head and Body Card combinations in an attempt to win over the Single’s heart for that round. Decide what suitors have enough charm to be worthy of Love, Flame, or Spark Interest Card. Collect five Interests Cards and claim the title of the Master Dater.

    Game Features

    • 300 weird interest cards, to let you know a little about the sexy single at the start of each round.
    • 230 head and body cards, so you can create the perfect date.
    • High-quality glossy cards that will repel all the beer you spit on them while playing.
    • Guaranteed awkwardness if you play with your parents.