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Operation: The Grinch Holiday Edition

    The masterminds at The Op have unleashed their latest masterpiece onto the market this week, and they’ve turned the Grinch into their unsuspecting victim in the uproarious game known as “Operation: The Grinch.”

    It’s as if Dr. Seuss and Milton Bradley had a whimsical baby, and it’s an absolute hoot! Forget about the Grinch’s dastardly plans to steal Christmas – now it’s your mission to take his stuff, and it’s a true test of your precision and steady hands, all while avoiding setting off the dreaded buzzer.

    Get ready to dive into the Grinch’s world with a pair of metal tweezers in hand, aiming to snatch away twelve quirky items that are scattered all over his green self. We’re talking about snagging a “Grinchy Heel,” making off with a “Termite Smile,” rescuing a “Cuddly Cactus,” and even extracting some “Spider Brains” (no spiders were harmed in the making of this game).

    But that’s not all, folks! This game is a riot, and you’ll be giggling while extracting a “Garlic Soul,” saving a “Rotten Tomato” (don’t worry, it’s not rotten), and liberating a “Seasick Croc.” There’s even a “Toadstool Sandwich” on the menu, along with a “Charming Eel” (is that even possible?), a “Nasty Wasty Skuunk,” a “Greasy Black Peel” (Yuck!), and a “Heart 3 Sizes Too Small” (because even the Grinch has a heart, albeit a mini one).

    It’s a side-splitting spin on the classic Operation game that’s been played for generations. Plus, it’s a refreshing departure from the same old version of the original. This one promises heaps of laughter and a challenge that’ll have you on the edge of your seat, tweezers in hand, and the Grinch on the run. So, grab your friends and family, and let the hilarity of Operation: The Grinch steal the show at your next game night!

    “Take holiday spirit right out of The Grinch himself with this whimsical version of Operation! Discover Dr. Seuss-inspired odds and ends as the removable Funatomy Parts in Operation: The Grinch, where you must take turns trying to remove items such as one heart, sandwich, sock, cactus, tomato, and more! Interact with the battery-operated game board with a steady hand and successfully collect most of the green grouch’s possessions to win.”