Pinocchio in Outer Space

Pinocchio in Outer Space is rare little anomaly in the animation world. The quality of the movie is superior to the cartoons that came out in 1965. This Belgian-American joint animated movie makes itself as a sequel of the original Walt Disney movie but never equals the first in the script.  With the science-fiction elements added to the film, it is fun for kids. Parents might grimace if they don’t suspend their disbelieve.

Everyone’s favorite wooden boy is back and jet-propelled straight into the space age! Reunited for action-packed adventures along with a slew of entertaining new characters and songs are the Blue Fairy, Geppetto, Sly Fox and The Cat! Turned back into a puppet because of his mischievousness, Pinocchio must do a good deed to become a flesh-and-blood boy once again. Along with trusty sidekick Nurtle the Turtle (Arnold Stang, voice of Top Cat), he’s hurled into the unpredictable dangers of space and its bizarre creatures as they try to rescue the world from a mysterious flying whale destroying everything in its path! Filled with animated wonder and out of this world action, this fun-filled journey into our last fronteir will amuse the entire family and warm your heart!