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Record Rain: Looping Sounds of Endless Rain Falling

    You don’t have to hear The Doors’ Riders on the Storm or Black Sabbath’s intro to the song Black Sabbath with droning church bells in the background to enjoy recorded rain in music.

    Endless Rain Record by Japanese artist Kouichi Okamoto (a.k.a. Bekkou) will awaken your inner senses into tranquility with the sounds of summer rain recorded on vinyl .

    This atmospheric record has circular grooves on its “drop” side, allowing the raindrop sounds to loop endlessly. The “rain” side includes a 10-minute track, featuring soothing sounds of a Summer rainfall. Each side is labeled with its respective Japanese character.

    Both abstract and natural, the wonderfully ethereal soundtrack of the Endless Rain Record will evolve as it gradually becomes worn and scratched.

    Tony M.