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Neon Secures North American Rights for ‘Robot Dreams’ by Pablo Berger

    Neon Secures North American Rights for 'Robot Dreams' by Pablo Berger

    Neon has secured its initial acquisition at the Cannes Film Festival by obtaining the North American rights for director Pablo Berger’s animated film, “Robot Dreams.” This marks Neon’s premiere venture into the Cannes acquisition arena.

    In a heartwarming tale, a dog eagerly acquires a robot kit with the hope of forging a lasting companionship. The robot, characterized by a laid-back demeanor, revels in the simple joys of camaraderie with the dog. Their shared activities include indulging in popcorn, enjoying movies together, and frequenting the library.

    Despite their harmonious routine, a beach outing takes an unexpected turn when the robot, perhaps too enthusiastic, ventures into the water, only to succumb to rust and immobilization. Faced with this unforeseen predicament, the dog, reluctant to leave its mechanical friend behind, decides to return home for the night with the intention of rescuing the robot later.

    However, the following day presents an unforeseen challenge as the beach is closed, leaving the stranded robot marooned on the sand. As the hours pass, the robot, immobilized and alone, delves into a realm of dreams that oscillate between the realms of positivity and adversity, highlighting the bittersweet nature of its predicament.

    As described in the synopsis of Sara Varon’s graphic novel, Robot lies motionless on the beach, abandoned, while Dog attempts to resume his life without his metallic companion. Despite his efforts to move on, Dog finds it challenging to detach himself from Robot. The blurb suggests that Dog grapples with the emotional void created by the absence of his dearest friend. In his quest for connection, Dog encounters a spectrum of characters, from a melting snowman to epicurean anteaters, forming and losing friendships along the way. Meanwhile, for the lonely robot resting on the beach, solace is sought solely in the realm of dreams, providing respite from the relentless

    Neon has a lineup of additional projects currently in various stages of development and production. Among these is Hunter Schafer’s inaugural venture into feature films with “Cuckoo.” Additionally, there’s a narrative remake of “The Painter and the Thief,” Asif Kapadia’s futuristic project titled “2073,” Joshua Oppenheimer’s Golden Age musical “The End,” featuring Tilda Swinton, Jazmin Jones’s directorial endeavor “Seeking Mavis Beacon,” an adaptation of the Dorothy Baker novel titled “Cassandra at the Wedding,” and Kitty Green’s “The Royal Hotel,” which stars Julia Garner.

    Sara Varon is a graphic novelist and children’s book author/illustrator living in Chicago. Her books include Odd Duck, Bake SaleRobot DreamsChicken & CatChicken & Cat Clean Up, Hold Hands, and My Pencil & Me. Her books have received many accolades—among others, Odd Duck was selected by Kirkus Reviews as one of the Best Children’s Books of 2013, Bake Sale was named a YALSA Great Graphic Novel for 2012, and Robot Dreams was on Oprah’s Kids’ Reading List in 2008. In 2013 Sara Varon was a recipient of the Maurice Sendak Fellowship.

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