Rocket Robin Hood Worst Cartoon

Rocket Robin Hood might have the distinction of being the worst cartoon in the minds of many kids from the 70’s who grew up watching this 49th parallel little phenomena. This show was a precursor to the Spider-man cartoon from the 60’s that gave us that jingle still humming in many little heads since the show began. Spider-man owes its existence to Rocket Robin Hood, if not for Rocket Robin Hood, there might not be the Spider-man franchise we know today. Far fetched? For those who know what I am talking about, they will know the show was produced by Grantray-Lawrence Animation and writer Ralph Bakshi who enjoyed later fame in other bigger animation productions. Sure Grantray-Lawrence Animation has the distinction of offering the top 2 worst cartoons, but to many kids of my generation this was our sugar and we wanted to get our fix each day. We ran home each day to see the latest adventures of Rocket Robin Hood, heck some of us were lucky enough to see all three Grantray-Lawrence Animation offering on the same day with the Mighty Hercules, Spider-man, and of course our galactic band of merry men. Well there is good news on two fronts, Warner Canada is releasing two box sets starting in October of Rocket Robin Hood and at the same time Teletoon Retro will be airing the episodes each day. We have come full-force, 2007 is the year of Rocket Robin Hood.