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Rotting Ways To Misery: The History of Finnish Death Metal (U.S. Edition)

    I will honest with you, I know nothing about Finnish Death Metal. It’s fun to see how metal embraced the youth of that country and spawned their own metal genre. It is a guilty pleasure of die-hard fans from all over the world. Now you can read about the whole movement of this foreign branching of global metal music. Authors Markus Makkonen and Kim Strömsholm give the rest of the world a full view of the metal years in Finland. I always liked that garage band look and feel of early rock bands. Finnish Death Metal was cultivated from the English speed metal scene and the Finns made it uniquely theirs.

    Decibel Books proudly presents Rotting Ways to Misery: The History of Finnish Death Metal. The definitive guide to the magical and morbid world of Finnish death metal has been completely redesigned and edited for a North American release! Authors Markus Makkonen and Kim Strömsholm explore the extreme metal and thrash scenes of the late ’80s, the short-lived but explosive scene of the early ’90s, and the eventual devastating resurgence of death metal within the country. Limited to 1,000 copies. 364 pages, hardcover.

    Includes previously unpublished photos and exclusive interviews with artists including Amorphis, Sentenced, Phlegethon, Xysma, Thergothon, Funebre, Demilich, Demigod, Purtenance, Mordicus, Disgrace, Necropsy, Rotten Sound, Abhorrence, National Napalm Syndicate, Festerday, Faff Bey, Mengele, Maple Cross, A.R.G., Putrid, Convulse, Cartilage, Inferia, Coffin, Mythos, Lubricant, and more.