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Sally Field: The Flying Nun 1967 LP Gets New Re-Issue

    The Flying Nun, a largely overlooked series from the late 1960s, introduced audiences to the whimsical premise of a nun blessed with the ability to fly, with Sally Field in the starring role. Despite the seemingly absurd premise, the show garnered a dedicated following and quirky merchandise that included an album of songs. The original album is being re-issued with two bonus songs in stereo.

    Surprisingly, amidst the show’s quirky charm, a record featuring the Flying Nun lending Sally Field’s singing prowess was released. It’s a testament to the creative spirit of the era that such an unconventional idea was brought to fruition. One can only imagine the anticipation and perhaps even skepticism surrounding the release of this record. Yet, the producers were confident that this unique offering would take flight with audiences and soar off the shelves.

    Screen Gems, known for its prowess in movies, TV shows, and music, leveraged its properties to create spin-off music offerings. Like other Screen Gems productions such as The Donna Reed Show and The Monkees, music became integral to The Flying Nun’s appeal. An LP titled “Sally Field, Star of The Flying Nun” was released by Colgems Records in 1967, featuring music from the series’ soundtrack sung by Sally Field and the Bob Mitchell Choir. Notably, one of the tracks from the album, “Felicidad (The Happiness Word),” was even featured in the pilot episode.

    Under the careful guidance of supervisor Lester Sill, some of the most prominent composers of the time lent their talents to the series. Names like Carole Bayer Sager, Howard Greenfield, Jack Keller, Ernie Freeman, and Dominic Frontiere contributed to the show’s musical repertoire.

    Expanding beyond the album, Colgems Records released two additional singles. One featured Sally Field, Marge Redmond, and Madeleine Sherwood performing Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley’s “Gonna Build a Mountain” from a second-season episode titled “Sister Socko in San Tanco.” The other single showcased Sally Field singing “Golden Days,” a song not originally heard in the series but a delightful addition to the musical legacy of The Flying Nun.

    Though Sally Field’s career as a Billboard Hot 100 chart hitmaker was not extensive, she did manage to make a notable mark. Her single “Felicidad,” released in 1967, spent a respectable four weeks on the chart, reaching its peak at No. 94 in December of that year.

    “Felicidad” is a tune characterized by its impossibly perky and wholesome nature, making even “Do-Re-Mi” from The Sound of Music seem edgy by comparison. It’s a light-hearted piece of music that reflects the era’s penchant for cheerful melodies. Interestingly, the song gained traction less than two weeks after Field celebrated her 21st birthday and just two months following the debut of her successful ABC sitcom, The Flying Nun. The show, though lightweight, enjoyed a three-year run, a testament to Field’s undeniable charm and likability.

    The track “Felicidad” was also featured on Field’s album titled The Flying Nun, which itself spent four weeks on the Billboard 200 chart, peaking at No. 172. This dual success in both the singles and album charts showcases Field’s versatility and early impact on the entertainment scene.

    The Flying Nun’s merchandise made its way into various popular platforms of the era. Dell Comics, for instance, debuted a four-issue comic book series between February and November 1968, expanding the show’s universe beyond television screens. View-Master also joined the fray by creating a three-reel 3-D packet centered around the episode “Love Me, Love My Dog,” complete with a storybook, to fully immerse fans in Sister Bertrille’s airborne escapades.

    Milton Bradley entered the merchandise scene with a board game inspired by The Flying Nun, providing fans with an interactive avenue to explore the show’s themes and characters. Additionally, the company released multiple puzzles, offering yet another way for enthusiasts to dive into the enchanting world of Sister Bertrille.

    01. Who Needs Wings To Fly? (The Flying Nun Theme)
    02. Felicidad (The Happiness Word)
    03. Count To Ten
    04. Turn On The Sunshine
    05. The Musicians
    06. The Louder I Sing (The Braver I Get)
    07. Follow The Star
    08. Darkest Before Dawn
    09. Optimize
    10. I’m On My Way
    11. Paint Me A Picture
    12. Find Yourself A Rainbow
    13. I’m So Glad I Can Fly
    14. Who Needs Wings To Fly? (The Flying Nun Theme) (Reprise)

    The Singles:

    15. Golden Days (Stereo Debut)
    16. You’re A Grand Old Flag (Stereo Debut)
    17. Gonna Build A Mountain (Stereo Debut) (With Madeleine Sherwood & Marge Redmond)
    18. Months Of The Year (With Madeleine Sherwood & Marge Redmond)

    Tony M.