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Santa Shark a Great White Christmas by Mike Lowery

    The holiday season has an extraordinary way of igniting that magical Christmas spirit that fills our hearts with joy. And what could be a more imaginative and captivating way to capture that festive enchantment than by infusing it with the unique charm of a white shark?

    Enter “Santa Shark: A Great White Christmas” by the renowned author and New York Times bestselling illustrator, Mike Lowery. In this delightful story, the yuletide season is about to experience an unexpected twist as the underwater world collides with the magic of Christmas. Prepare to be submerged in an enchanting adventure that unites the wonder of the holidays with the intriguing allure of white sharks.

    Jingle shells, Jingle shells, jingle all the waves! Oh, what fun it is to dive in a sea horse-driven sleigh!

    As humans excitedly count down the days until Santa Claus makes his annual appearance, a different kind of anticipation stirs deep in the ocean. Meet Edgar, a whimsical and toothy young shark, who is fervently getting ready for the arrival of none other than Santa Shark! His trusty sidekick, Lotta the crab, while not entirely convinced of the underwater Santa’s existence, joins Edgar in preparing their home for this extraordinary event. Together, they embark on a whirlwind adventure against the ticking clock, all in an effort to ensure that everything is perfect for Santa Shark’s momentous night.

    Their preparations include crafting a delectable snack fit for the aquatic Santa, composing heartfelt Christmas “cods” to send to their friends in the ocean, and harmonizing in joyous renditions of Christmas “corals.” Through a combination of wit, humor, and creative wordplay, the story unfolds with an abundance of laughter and puns that will delight both young and old alike. This heartwarming tale promises to establish itself as an enduring classic, cherished by families for countless holiday seasons to come. So, unfurl your underwater Christmas “reef” and prepare to revel in the festivities of a Great White (Shark) Christmas, brought to life by the illustrious and bestselling author, Mike Lowery.

    A few years back, Mike Lowery had the fantastic opportunity to create a non-fiction book that revolved around one of my all-time favorite subjects: sharks. This book, titled “Everything Awesome About Sharks,” was chock-full of the quirkiest and most mind-boggling facts about these fascinating sea creatures.

    As the holiday season approached, Mike Lowery found myself contemplating how best to promote his shark-themed masterpiece. He could have taken the conventional route, simply displaying the book cover and writing something along the lines of, “Hey, a holiday is just around the corner; why not gift my book to someone you adore?” – a clever and catchy approach, for sure.

    However, his creative instincts led him down a different path. He decided to create a Christmas card that featured none other than a shark. But he didn’t stop at a simple image of a shark on a holiday card. Oh no, he had a more comical plan in mind. he reached for his sketchbook and started doodling a motley crew of sharks.

    As he sketched away, the sharks transformed into whimsical and playful creatures, departing from their typical portrayal as serious and fearsome predators. However, he felt that there was still something missing to make the holiday card worth remembering. It was only then that he ingeniously came up with the idea of adding an ugly Christmas sweater to the mix, which undoubtedly sparked his creativity.

    Mike Lowery is a New York Times bestselling illustrator who has worked on dozens of books for children and adults. He’s also the author of many books, including Random Illustrated Facts and the Everything Awesome series. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with his family.