Scaredy Squirrel having a beach of a time


Scaredy Squirrel at the Beach

Scaredy Squirrel is created by Sandbox World favorite Mélanie Watt who has gained instant fame with the nutty squirrel who is loved by both young and older readers. Mélanie’s steady climb as a children’s creator has reaped her fame and a loyal following of this well illustrated fun series. Scaredy Squirrel has an affable attraction with his constant waving at his audience on the cover of each of his books. You could say Scaredy Squirrel has become sort of a franchise series since three books have already been published and the demand is not abating since parents and kids are always asking if the latest book is available at their favorite book stores. This is great news for native Montrealer in the borough of Ahuntsic who was featured in the book section of The Gazette newspaper, one of the oldest newspapers in North America founded by Benjamin Franklin himself in Montreal. You can read Mélanie’s full interview and find out about her latest adventure with the release of Scaredy Squirrel’s latest exploits at the beach. Read interview>>