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Seinfeld now caters to “Little People” and adults alike

    seinfeld the day of nothing

    Seinfeld has tapped into a new market. They are now catering to the younger set in your house. Does Jerry Seinfeld not have enough money? Author Micol Ostow and illustrator Brittany Baugus bring us younger versions of the Seinfeld cast for young readers. Not enough? Fisher Price’s Little People pays homage to Seinfeld.

    Bursting with fan-favorite Seinfeld characters and jokes, this hilarious picture book is the perfect gift for readers of all ages as well as close-talkers, soup-lovers, double-dippers, and anyone needing SERENITY NOW!

    Jerry wants to be a comic when he grows up, George never misses a nap, Elaine has funky dance moves, and Kramer is . . . unusual. Today these pals “gotta see the baby,” but they need to find the perfect gift first. Would the baby like an astronaut pen? A chocolate babka? A tiny puffy shirt?

    Join the friends as they visit Joe’s Fruit Store, the soup place, the bakery—and more! But yadda, yadda, yadda. . . things don’t go quite as planned. That doesn’t stop the kids from turning what could have been a boring day into one that’s filled with a lot of laughs.

    little people seinfeld

    Fans of the Emmy Award-winning TV series Seinfeld can bring home their favorite foursome with this special edition Little People Collector figure set from Fisher-Price. This must-have gift set features 4 Little People figures styled like the main characters, including Jerry Seinfeld, Cosmo Kramer, Elaine Benes, and George Costanza. The display-worthy package features familiar scenes from the series, including Jerry’s apartment and a stand-up comedy stage.

    Fun Fact: George Costanza was (partially) named after a real person: Jerry’s former friend Michael Costanza, who sued Seinfeld, David, and NBC for $100 million, claiming that the series had violated his privacy. 

    Tony M.