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Sell Books to Readers Not Publishers

    book clutter

    Once again I had to haul myself to Ikea and buy more shelves. I have so many books that I am running out of room. I can honestly say I could give out library cards to my collection for people in my city. I think I am going to abandon buying books in paper form. I am going digital. I am doing my part to save a tree or two. With people like Seth Godin who plan to print only e-books and cut out the middle man, the publisher. It’s going to be interesting as publishers are trying to re-invent themselves as Kindle and the iPad are making reading a bit more interesting. I am tired of the mass collection I have accumulated all these years. I wish I could scan all my books. Go digital folks!

    “Traditional book publishers use techniques perfected a hundred years ago to help authors reach unknown readers, using a stable technology (books) and an antique and expensive distribution system. The thing is — now I know who my readers are. Adding layers or faux scarcity doesn’t help me or you.”-Seth Godin

    Tony M.