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Star Trek: The Next Degeneration

This ain’t the Doctor Carol Marcus your dad used to know! In Star Trek Into Darkness, we witnessed Alice Eve’s unexpected underwear escapade, and boy, did it spark some lively discussions among critics and movie buffs alike. Some folks out there thought it was about as necessary as a chocolate teapot on a summer day.

But wait, it gets better! Damon Lindelof, the mastermind behind this cosmic caper, went full mea culpa on us. He publicly raised his hand and said, “My bad, folks! Sorry for the gratuitous display of barely clothed Doctor Carol Marcus.” It’s like he sent a distress signal to the Federation of Apology Acceptance, and we all got the memo.

Now, about that scene – it was like trying to find a Klingon at a Vulcan meditation retreat. It had no more business being in the movie than a tribble at a Klingon opera. You’d think that in a film with warp-speed chases, intergalactic battles, and Spock’s eyebrow gymnastics, there’d be no room for a wardrobe malfunction moment that had less relevance than a redshirt on an away mission.

So, if you were watching Star Trek Into Darkness for its stellar space adventures and Klingon foreheads, you might have been left scratching your head. Doctor Carol Marcus’ brief foray into underwear modeling? It was as misplaced as a Ferengi at a Vulcan logic convention.