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Star Wars Identities

    What influences mold your identity? Prepare to embark on a unique and transformative journey as you witness the beloved Star Wars universe through a fresh lens in the cities of Montreal and Edmonton on April 19th. This extraordinary experience, known as “Star Wars Identities,” has received the seal of approval from none other than the legendary creator himself, George Lucas, and it promises to provide a wholly innovative and artistic perspective on the timeless mythos of Star Wars.

    “Star Wars Identities” is not just an exhibition; it’s an immersive exploration of the very essence of Star Wars. With a focus on the intricate web of factors that shape individuals and their destinies, it delves deep into the intricate psychology, character development, and unique choices that define the beloved heroes and villains of the galaxy far, far away. This is a rare opportunity to peer behind the scenes and discover the intricate layers of identity, motivation, and the epic struggle between the light and dark sides.

    George Lucas’s endorsement adds a layer of authenticity and reverence to this exceptional experience. As the mastermind behind the Star Wars saga, his approval speaks volumes about the exhibition’s quality and its capacity to offer a fresh and compelling perspective that resonates with fans both old and new.

    So, if you’re a Star Wars fan or an art lover, mark April 19th on your calendar, and don’t miss the chance to see “Star Wars Identities.” Prepare to reevaluate your understanding of this beloved universe and explore the profound forces that shape the characters who have become an integral part of our cultural landscape. This exhibition promises to be a momentous event that brings the galaxy far, far away closer than ever before.

    Don’t miss the world premiere of this unique traveling exhibition, which looks at the characters of Star Wars —and you— in an exciting new way.

    • A vast collection of Star Wars props, costumes, models, and artwork from the Lucasfilm Archives, including iconic items like Darth Vader’s costume, the Millenium Falcon model, and Anakin’sfull-sized Podracer.
    • Jointly developed by the Montreal Science Center and a team of scientists, experience an exploration of human identity that looks at the multitude of factors that shape our personalities – and yours.
    • An interactive Identity Quest inviting you to create your own unique and personalized Star Wars hero.
    • Behind-the-scenes insight into the creation of the Star Wars characters and fun facts from the movie-making process.