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STEPHEN KING: A Complete Exploration of His Work Life, and Influences by Bev Vincent

    STEPHEN KING: A Complete Exploration of His Work Life, and Influences by Bev Vincent

    I came across Stephen King in college for an obscure humanities class called “Man and his Symbols.” I read the short story titled “Suffer the Little Children.” When I was in school Stephen King was well entrenched in pop culture. There were several movies already made. This was around the time Pet Cementary came out. He already had 15 movies based on his books. Back then I consumed most of his work through movies. Through that humanities class, I discovered his work in literature.

    My favorite book from Stephen King is The Eyes of the Dragon. I know I am not a true Stephen King fan, you will say, but there is something about The Eyes of the Dragon. Maybe, it was those long bus rides that I read the book that sparked my imagination. Some of King’s established fans rejected the book, but I have a soft spot for it. Stephen King has come and gone in my life in different stages. I always go back to some of his work.

    Bev Vincent’s book Stephen King: A Complete Exploration of His Work Life, and Influences charters a 50-year career like no other author in the history of humanity. King has so much still to offer. I recently read Later a few months ago and dug the book. I enjoyed the “Under the Dome” series till it imploded and lost direction. In a nutshell, Stephen King offers so much that you can start at any point. Bev Vincent did an amazing job putting this book together. It has everything you need to know about Stephen King. If you are about to delve into Stephen King, I recommend you start with Stephen King: A Complete Exploration of His Work Life, and Influences by Bev Vincent.

    If you are a casual fan like me, you will discover stuff you never knew existed. This guy has been busy for 50 years. Some authors live off a few books, King puts all these guys to shame. He created such a vast universe, unlike any other writer.

    Explore the evolution and influences of Stephen King’s body of work over his nearly 50-year career, and discover how the themes of his writing reflect the changing times and events within his life.

    Timed with Stephen King’s 75th birthday on September 21, 2022, Stephen King features archival photos and documents from King’s personal collection alongside the stories behind how his novels, novellas, short stories, and adaptations came to be.

    With critically acclaimed titles that have also been turned into blockbuster sensations like It and Carrie, King’s work has stood the test of time across decades. This history of the writer’s struggles, triumphs, bestsellers, lesser-known stories, collaborations, and more makes the perfect addition to any Stephen King fan’s collection.

    Bev Vincent is the author of The Dark Tower Companion, The Road to the Dark Tower, the Bram Stoker Award-nominated companion to Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, and The Stephen King Illustrated Companion, which was nominated for a 2010 Edgar Award and a 2009 Bram Stoker Award. In 2018, he co-edited the anthology Flight or Fright with Stephen King.

    Celebrate the beloved King of Horror with this informational and entertaining look inside King’s most iconic titles and the culture they have created.

    Tony M.