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Stranger Things: Flight of Icarus by Caitlin Schneiderhan new book takes flight

    Stranger Things: Flight of Icarus by Caitlin Schneiderhan

    Everyone’s favorite president of the Hellfire Club, Eddie Munson’s story isn’t over yet. A prequel novel centered on the beloved Stranger Things character is set to hit bookstores this fall.

    Two years before the events of Stranger Things Season 4, Eddie Munson — Hellfire Club leader, metalhead and Hawkins outcast — has one shot at making it big. 

    Flight of Icarus is penned by Caitlin Schneiderhan, a writer for the TV series, and hits shelves Oct. 31. For the author, writing a novel that tees up the Dungeon Master we meet in the Season 4 premiere was an opportunity to let fans go with Eddie on his journey toward becoming a hero and “to experience the messy and uncomfortable decisions that led him to become the brave misfit we all know and love.” 

    Hawkins, Indiana — for most, it’s simply another idyllic, manicured all-American town. But for Eddie Munson, it’s like living in a perpetual Tomb of Horrors. Luckily, he only has a few more months to survive at Hawkins High. And what is senior year, really, but just killing time between Dungeons & Dragons sessions with the Hellfire Club and gigs with his band?

    At the worst dive bar in town, Eddie meets Paige, someone who has pulled off a freaking miracle. She escaped Hawkins and built a wickedly cool life for herself working for a record producer in Los Angeles. Not only is she the definition of a badass — with killer taste in music — she might be the only person that actually appreciates him as the bard he is instead of the devil incarnate. But the best thing? She’s offering a chance for him to make something of himself, and all he needs is to get her a demo tape of Corroded Coffin’s best songs.

    Just one problem: Recording costs money. Money Eddie doesn’t have. But he’s willing to do whatever it takes: even if that means relying on his old man, Al Munson. His dad just stumbled back into his life, with another dubious scheme up his sleeve, and yet Eddie knows this is his only option to make enough dough in enough time. It’s a risk, but if it pays off he will finally have a one-way ticket out of Hawkins. 

    Tony M.