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Strongman: The Strongest Man in the World at Bending Steel and Metal

    While Stanless Steel may evoke a sense of fear in some due to his formidable physical strength, beneath his tough exterior lies a heart of gold. The documentary “Strongman” serves as a captivating exploration of human dignity, showcasing the remarkable journey of a man who possesses the incredible ability to bend pennies with his bare hands. This documentary stands as a tour de force, revealing the profound humanity that coexists with the seemingly indomitable strength of this “man of steel.” Through the lens of “Strongman,” audiences are sure to find their hearts stolen by the inspiring tale of Stanless Steel and the depth of his compassion.

    Known in the strength world for his incredible hand strength, Stanless Steel first realized he had the potential to become a professional strongman when, in a fit of anger, he ripped a racquetball apart with his hands. He then decided to hone this strength into a show and now performs more than 50 different stunts—including bending the shortest steel bars in the world and being the first man since the mighty Cyclops in the 1890s to legitimately bend coins in his fingers.