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Summer’s Almost Over: Dave Pressler is back with his first solo exhibition

Step into the fantastical worlds, Dave Pressler creates with his humorous and whimsical robots. In his first solo show since 2018, Dave dares to ask viewers to think about how life has changed for our beloved robots in the age of AI.

Step right into the fantastical universe that Dave Pressler conjures, where he’s a master at weaving humor into the very circuits and bolts of his android creations. His reputation as a maverick in crafting whimsical renditions of robots, monsters, and beloved pop culture figures precedes him. In fact, he can make R2-D2 himself crack a grin!

Now, after what seems like eons, Pressler is back with his first solo exhibition. It’s a captivating showcase that thrusts robots into the limelight, titled “Summer’s Almost Over.” This exhibit isn’t just about gazing at robots; it beckons you to step into their mechanical shoes. Much like us, these automata are quivering in their nuts and bolts in the face of the rapid ascent of newfangled technology and artificial intelligence. The past few years have thrown us a wild mix of curveballs, to say the least.

With a trusty brigade of robots by his side, Pressler takes us on a riotous journey through the contemporary landscape. These mechanical wonders serve as our light-hearted guides, navigating us through the intricacies of our ever-evolving world, with all its quirks and surprises. So, buckle up for a whimsical ride through the vivid realm of Dave Pressler’s robotic vision, where even the most stoic machines can’t help but crack a metal grin.

Dave Pressler is a creative force to be reckoned with. A skilled multimedia artist, illustrator, animator, painter, sculptor, character designer, the list goes on and on. While his talent is undeniable, it is his humor and spirit of adventure that has cultivated his relationships with viewers and amassed a large and loyal fan base. Robots, monsters, and pop culture are the cornerstone of his artistic canon, but more than his subject matter, Dave’s ability to find the fun and humanity in his subjects is tantamount to why people love what he does.

His work spans from the screen to the canvas, splitting his time amongst creative endeavors from the tangible to the digital. In the past 25 years, he has developed and designed characters and worlds for many major companies, co-creating the Emmy-nominated animated show “Robot And Monster” for Nickelodeon, “Boss Baby Back In Business” for Dreamworks TV, and is currently the co-executive producer on “The Rugrats” reboot for Nickelodeon. In this position, he oversees the art direction and look of the entire show, drawing on his impressive attention to detail and once again his dedication to the fun and funny. 


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