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Rebecca Solni

Rebecca Solnit and the magic of books

    A book is like an umbrella, if they are to work, you have to open them. Rebecca Solnit’s letter about books with artist’s Liniers response is a thing of beauty.

    a book of days patti smith

    A Book of Days by Patti Smith

      A Book of Days by Patti Smith is 365 ways of saying hello on her Instagram with blurbs of brilliance! Smith projects into the future and reflects on the past.

      rian hughes rayguns and rocketships

      Rayguns and Rocketships: Vintage Science Fiction Book Cover Art from Korero Press

        The good folks of Korero Press are at it again. Their newest book, Rayguns and Rocketships: Vintage Science Fiction Book Cover Art, promises thrills to the eyes. The compiled collection of vintage sci-fi artwork will inspire futurists at heart. The future that was and never to be. Get ready to blast off into the further outskirts of your imagination. Korero Press has your ticket punched for the greatest visual adventure from the comfort of your reading outpost. Keep an eye on Rayguns and Rocketships: Vintage Science Fiction Book Cover Art, it lands in your favorite book store in early December 2022.

        here bwe are book of opposites oliver jeffers

        Here We Are: Book of Opposites by Oliver Jeffers

          Oliver Jeffers has tapped into something special with his Here We Are series. Oliver is back with another book called Here We Are: Book of Opposites. His whimsical art is a hit with kids and adults alike. His interpretation of the world around us is a kaleidoscope of prose imagery for the little guys who want to explore. The Book of Opposites promises to ignite that imagination for both parents and kids. This is how children’s books should be made. These books are timeless time-capsules to a point in our youth. As the cover cleverly illustrates an adult and kid are ready to explore the world together both in drawings and words. Sharing Here We Are books is a magical time between parents and kids that captures their sense of wonderment

          font meme

          Font Meme is Fontastic

            I love fonts! Font Meme is the ideal stop for fronts from pop culture. Ever wonder which font is used for either logos, films, TV shows, video games, books and more? Fret no more Font Meme dissects your favorite fonts from all sectors of business.

            Best Covers of 2014

              Dan Wagstaff of The Casual Optimist: Books, Design and Culture picks the best book covers of 2014.