Art School Peanuts Creator Charles Schulz Attended

[youtube] Correspondence schools are an alternative for studies for those not keen going the traditional way of studying. Charles Schulz attended one in his youth. Perhaps he was the most successful artist to come out of such correspondence schools after the war. “Schulz said that his routine every morning consisted of first eating a…


Life is full of regrets, Charlie Brown.

Charles Schulz’s First Sketch

Believe it or not, Charles Schulz’s first sketch was published 75 years ago for Ripley’s Believe it or Not! February 22 marks the 75th anniversary of Charles Schulz’s very first published drawing. Schulz, 15 years old at the time and nicknamed “Sparky,” submitted a sketch of his dog Spike to Robert Ripley and wrote about…

I Have Never Drawn PEANUTS for Children

The success of the Peanuts can be pinned down to one letter written to a fan of Peanuts in 1977. In the letter Charles Schulz tells David Desmond (fan) how he approaches the strip. “The answer to your question of developing the strips to appeal to children without turning adults off is a simple one….

The Peanuts Collection: Treasures from the World’s Most Beloved Comic Strip

Nat Gertler’s The Peanuts Collection: Treasures from the World’s Most Beloved Comic Strip is perhaps one of the greatest collection of Peanuts memorabilia in book form. This is the ultimate book for the Peanuts enthusiast. If you live in North America it’s a good chance that Peanuts has crossed your life at one point or…

Peanuts Moleskine Notepads

This is a big year for Peanuts and the merchandising agreements are peaking also as we celebrate 60 years of Peanuts this Autumn. The Peanuts Moleskine notepads are a thing of beauty. They look too good to write on. via-moleskine

60 Years of Peanuts Countdown

[youtube] Can you believe it, it will be 60 years since the first Peanuts strip was published on October 2, 1950. Some of the greatest moments of Peanuts lore comes in the shape of the Halloween special with some of the archetypes explored in the seasonal special. Nothing tops up a Halloween with the…

Peanuts Early Newspaper Ad

It’s amazing to think that this lonely little unexceptional ad from the ’50s would spawn a money-making machine long after Charles Schulz would die. The merchandising juggernaut just keeps churning cash like it’s going out of style.

Peanuts 1960’s Collection

Pencil in July 7th for the release of a new collection of award winning TV Specials based on the Peanuts Gang. There have been more than 41 specials over 5 decades based on the comic strip series. A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965) – In this Emmy® and Peabody Award winning classic, Charlie Brown is upset…

Charles Schulz Documentary

[sandboxworld]qVn5bsvtmqk[/sandboxworld] It’s been already 9 years since Charles Schulz passed away on February 9th, 2000. Peanuts is still going stronger each year. Not bad for a cadaver cartoonist. Here is a clip from a 1963 documentary on Charles Schulz, with some good advice about where he gets ideas. This is a side of Charles we…