Subway Map of New York’s Coffee Shops

Coffee? This handy subway map of almost all of New York’s coffee shops will keep your coffee addiction closer to your favorite supplier of the java bean.

Doodles at Starbucks

Sharpie enhancements of paper cup sleeves at Starbucks. I myself am a constant doodler. Doodling keeps the mind sharp, some think it is a sign of laziness. I doodled all my way through school and still do.

Montreal Cat Café: A Catastrophe

Cat cafés are very popular in Japan and some parts of the orient. A cat café is basically where cat people can bring their cats to a cafe to sip and eat at the hangout. Montreal is getting their own cat café. A few regulations were agreed by the establishment in order to comply with…

Robocup Coffee Mug

Dead or alive, you’re drinking coffee with me! Robocup is based on a t-shirt idea come to life. It is perfect timing with the new RoboCop reboot.

Coffee Makes You Less Suicidal

The results are in. Those who drink more coffee are less suicidal.  It might do you harm at some level or another but at least you will not dangle from a noose.  Coffee shops rejoice, now you can sell more cups of Joe.  Never mind Coke adds life, caffeine spares lives. Researchers examined data from…

What’s Inside: Coffee

[youtube] Wired has a new series called What’s Inside on YouTube. The first topic is coffee and you will be surprised to what is inside this strange brew that entices flocks of followers each morning. Coffee drinkers are the cause of traffic in my neck of the woods. Their cars hog precious real estate…

Sylvester: Coffee and Cigarettes

Nervous Sylvester on coffee and cigarette diet. Caffeine leads to depression, makes you all irritable, have your heart beating fast. Faster heart rate, you know what I mean? And worse than anything, you drink that coffee, it gives you the shits, you know what I mean? So I try to stay away from that.

Clever Owl Coffee Ad

Who said that the creativity well has dried out has not seen this coffee bean ad. Simplicity sometimes is the best. This nicely executed ad from Beans and Beyond is a winner. It has me hungering for the coffee bean brew.

Hippopotamus Coffee Table

This life-like hippopotamus coffee table will be the talk when guests come over. Did you know that the hippo is of one the deadliest animals in Africa? “More people are killed by the hippopotamus than any other wild animal, either by being trampled to death or having their boat capsized.”

Leonardo DiCaprio Coffee

Anybody for Leonardo DiCappuccino?  Move over Paul Newman. Is Leonardo DiCaprio the new food branding celebrity? Leonardo endorses coffee to help his Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.