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film noir

dark city the lost world of film noir by eddie muller

Revised and Expanded Edition of Eddie Muller’s Dark City

    If you watch Noir Alley and read Eddie Muller’s Dark City revised and expanded edition, you will be blasted with a cornucopia of information about the origins and politics of the Film Noir from all the creators. The creators lived lives as complicated as their characters. Muller’s book is more than a picture book, it’s the top book on Film Noir movies. Muller has single-handed created a Film Noir universe, from actors to writers, many jumped from movie to movie. Dark City is a great read into old Hollywood and a genre long gone, often imitated, never duplicated. I never put down Dark City, Muller is a wordsmith of the highest caliber. This is the definitive book on Film Noir.

    the long takec a noir narrative by robin roberston book

    The Long Take by Robin Robertson

      Better late than never. Here is a little gem that flew under my radar. I am enamored with narrative poetry. The Long Take by Robin Robertson harks to works such as Joseph Moncure March’s The Set-Up and The Wild Party. I discovered The Long Take through the library app, Libby. I plan to buy a hardcopy version of the book. Being a Film Noir enthusiast, this is a great find. Narrative poetry is a niche market, when you find a good one, you cannot put it down.

      Film Noir Portraits

      Film Noir Portraits

        The very best portrait photography of the film-noir era, with previously unpublished images from beloved gems such as The Night of the Hunter and Sweet Smell of Success.

        thekillerthatstalkednewyork1950 scaled

        The Killer That Stalked New York

          The killer is silent and invisible. Film noir movies’ main antagonist usually is a femme fatale or a jealous lover where circumstances went awry and killing was the only way out. The killer is never deadly smallpox virus.