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William Holden out of the shadows in Noir City

    NOIR CITY Magazine issue 34

    I am a big fan of NOIR CITY Magazine. The magazine is dedicated to film noir. The latest issue focuses on matinee idol William Holden. You can buy your issue directly from Amazon.

    The latest issue of NOIR CITY is a beauty! However you look at it, the magazine is spectacular, featuring the electrifying combination of insightful writing and inspired graphic design we proudly consider our standard. Our cover story for NOIR CITY Magazine’s latest issue offers a unique portrait of actor William Holden, an actor not synonymous with film noir. Yet, writer Rachel Walther shows how the actor “brought a brooding restlessness to his characters that distanced them from the mainstream—and sometimes thrust them into the realm of darkness we hold so dearly.”

    Highlights in this issue include profiles of two actors – one classic, one contemporary: Stanley Baker/Loving a Thieving Boy by Ray Banks and J.T. Walsh/Solid Cold by Steve Kronenberg. And, for anyone who has followed the FNF’s interest in Argentine restorations, particularly The Beast Must Die (1952) and El vampiro negro (1953), Imogen Sara Smith’s in-depth article Down in the Depths/Román Viñoly Barreto and Argentinian Noir is a must-read! And there’s plenty more, including Brian Light’s Book vs. Film essay on the 1948 film Moonrise.

    Of interest: Revised and Expanded Edition of Eddie Muller’s Dark City

    Tony M.