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kim wilde greatest hits

Kim Wilde / Pop Don’t Stop: Greatest Hits Box Set

    Cherry Red is to release Pop Don’t Stop: Greatest Hits, a new Kim Wilde box set that includes five CDs and two DVDs. Kim Wilde needs no introduction, having registered a staggering 30 hits on the UK charts since 1981, and selling over 30 million records globally. The Cherry Pop label is dedicated to interesting poptastic catalogue releases from records that originally came out in the 1980’s & 90’s.

    honk rolling stones

    HONK: Rolling Stones newest greatest hits package

      Mick and boys are grounded till he is medically cleared to tour. That won’t stop them from picking at your wallet with the latest in a long list of compilation packages drawn from an extensive armory of hits. The new album Honk consists of music recorded from every Rolling Stones studio album from 1971 to 2016’s Blue & Lonesome.