#feedimagination by Goldfish

#feedimagination by Goldfish

The folks at Goldfish (Campbell Canada) invited parents across Canada to submit their kids’ artwork and stories so that they would have an opportunity to show their work on a larger stage than their refrigerators.

The Great Pumpkin Carving

The day has finally come when all the adults draw down their blinds, turn off their lights and retreat to the basement for two hours to avoid the little buggers trick or treating. The parents wave in the background beaming with pride, behold their dressed up molecule ghouls are unleashed onto the world. Do what…

Signs of the Fall

The golden apples of the sun are here. The crisp air falls upon the city in a sullen blanket. Kids huddle around puddled leaves. Yellow buses hurdle the collective young brains off to learning centers of deception. Nurtured youth assemble to be our future. Which one among you will be our leaders, our killers, our…

Princess Decomposia and Count Spatula

It is a slow news day, however, Andi Watson is back with a new tale to tell.  Princess Decomposia and Count Spatula seems like a romp in Gothic imagination for the young. Good to see Andi back from the dead with this fun little book. British cartoonist Andi Watson has reinvented himself lately into the…

The Rush Of Christmas Lost to Innocence

There was a time when things were simpler.  Christmas is just too complicated today. Too much of everything. We forget the spirit of the origin of Christmas.  Life has become more diverse. With it brings new challenges.  Christmas should be about family and not how much you spent on a gift.


Ouch! My teeth are hurting just looking at this Nutellasagna food monster. I think I am less miserable looking at this. My happy face just went up. Yummy. This happy food is brought to you by Robicelli.

Cardboard Taco Truck

When I was young it was a treat to get a giant cardboard box from my parents. I made all kinds of stuff with it. Today you do not have to do that. You can purchase elaborate cardboard boxes to resemble real trucks. This Taco Truck wants the kid in me to jump out. OTO…

Polish Priest Denounces Lego as Tool of Satan

Father Slawomir Kostrzewa believes that Lego has gone to the dark side with their line of Zombie and Monster Fighter mini-figures. Given the track record of the church I think kids have more to fear from the priesthood.  ( I will not go there.) Obviously the good reverend is living in the past, there are…

Uglydolls: Wonder Woman

Uglydolls  is cross-promoting ideas with DC Comics. Behold the Wonder Woman Uglydoll. This doll  includes lasso of truth and free private jet shown here. In the past a Batman Uglydoll was released.

Peanuts Christmas Dance in New York City

[youtube] Charlie Brown and the gang come to life as a group of dancers reenact the famous Christmas holiday dance sequence from the cartoon from 1965. It feels like a cosplay flash mob scene of phone cameras at a Comic-con.