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The Hollies A Biography

The Hollies: A Biography by Malcolm C. Searles

    The history of the Hollies is enigmatic at best. Their squeaky clean images kept them out of the spotlight. The Beatles hogged the British scene in the 60s, while The Rolling Stones thrived on their enfant terrible image. This might be the reason why not much is written on The Hollies. The Hollies: Riding The Carousel by Malcolm C. Searles promises to shed light on perhaps of the greatest 60s band.

    benson mccartney taschen

    ‘Paul’ is a New McCartney Book From Taschen Features Photos From Harry Benson

      Get it while it’s hot! Taschen’s new book Paul features 100 photos from Harry Benson. The luxury numbered photo book is limited to 600 copies. The deluxe ‘XL’ hardcover edition comes in a bespoke acrylic box. The exact dimensions are 26.9 x 37.3 cm. It weighs over 5kg. The Paul McCartney book is selling like hotcakes.