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The Beatles Tease a “New” Song “Now and Then”

    The Beatles’ official social media channels unveiled an intriguing image of a cassette, which holds symbolic significance. This image serves as a teaser for an exciting development in the world of music. The band has undertaken a remarkable project, one that pays homage to the legendary John Lennon.

    This endeavor involves updating a demo originally crafted by John Lennon, and it is worth noting that all four members of the band have played their part in this creative journey. The revised version of this demo now encompasses various contributions, most notably retaining Lennon’s original vocal recording from his initial cassette rendition. Additionally, the skilled hands of George Harrison lent their magic to the mix, infusing the track with his masterful guitar work.

    To provide some context, George Harrison’s contributions were recorded during the extensive recording sessions of the Beatles Anthology releases in the 1990s. This particular period in music history witnessed McCartney, Starr, and Harrison coming together to craft new Beatles compositions using the foundation of Lennon’s demos, which included iconic tracks like “Free as a Bird” and “Real Love.”

    The spotlight of this remarkable musical journey falls on a new song, rumored to be none other than Lennon’s “Now and Then.” Interestingly, this song was considered for release as part of the Threetles during the Anthology project but was ultimately shelved due to concerns about the quality of Lennon’s original recording. Now, with advancements in technology that have opened new doors for creative enhancement, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr express optimism about the vastly improved results this time around.

    Crucially, it’s important to clarify that this exciting musical venture does not involve the use of artificial intelligence to create a simulated John Lennon voice. Instead, technology was employed to enhance the quality of the original tape, ensuring a more polished and faithful rendition of the song, and dispelling any concerns about the authenticity of Lennon’s vocal contribution. This approach, rooted in the pursuit of musical excellence, keeps the spirit and legacy of John Lennon alive, promising an exceptional musical experience for fans.