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Michael Kleber-Diggs wins 2022 Hefner Heitz Kansas Book Award in Poetry

    Worldly Things refuses to “offer allegiance” to this centuries-old status quo. With uncompromising candor, Kleber-Diggs documents the many ways America systemically fails those who call it home while also calling upon our collective potential for something better. “Let’s create folklore side-by-side,” he urges, asking us to aspire to a form of nurturing defined by tenderness, to a kind of community devoted to mutual prosperity. “All of us want,” after all, “our share of light, and just enough rainfall.”

    how chet baker died poems by barry gifford 1

    How Chet Baker Died by Barry Gifford

      The first words in Barry Gifford’s new poetry collection say it all—“Here I am wasting time again / writing poems to keep myself company” — doing what he has ever done, surprising his readers in kaleidoscopic prisms of color, turning every breath into a story, and himself into his most colorful character.

      collected works of jim morrison

      The Collected Works of Jim Morrison

        This year marks 50 years since the passing of Jim Morrison. Jim took the route of stardom as the singer of The Doors. He always fancied himself as a poet and wanted to be taken seriously in that craft. The Lords and the New Creatures, Morrison’s first book, was published in 1970 and was considered pretentious at best. His Dionysus complex made him a drunkard buffoon in the eyes of the literary world. Doors fans on the other hand consider his poetic material differently. Morrison is getting the royal treatment with a definite anthology of all his writing. For the first time, unpublished material will be released to the public. The Collected Works of Jim Morrison is an almost 600-page anthology of the writings that promises to please all fans of Jim Morrison.

        how to eat a poem

        How to Eat a Poem

          Don’t be polite. Bite in. Pick it up with your fingers and lick the juice that may run down your chin. It is ready and ripe now, whenever you are. You do not need a knife or fork or spoon or plate or napkin or tablecloth. For there is no core or stem or rind or pit or seed or skin to throw away.

          tarantula bob dylan

          Bob Dylan’s “Tarantula,” as read by actor Will Patton

            The music of Bob Dylan has always been poetic. Bob dabbed in actual poetry with his infamous 1971 Tarantula book of prose. Critics did not respond in kind throughout the years.

            Tarantula is more of a tribute to Arthur Rimbaud’s prose style. Will Patton breathes new life into this body of work as he reads the lesser-known work of Bob Dylan.

            Arthur Rimbaud Documentary

              Arthur Rimbaud is brought to life with drawings and pictures of his times with a new documentary. The enfant terrible is given justice as his poems are read by Joan Baez with the accompaniment of music in an attempt to present a visual of Arthur Rimbaud’s life. The much-fabled poet’s life is shrouded in mystery and legend. Most of it marred in tragedy and misery. His poetry transcends time as his youthful angst speaks to every generation screaming to be heard. He has seen the darkness of the soul and turned it into a visual macabre dance of words.