T-Shirt Sketcher Stencil Kit

Ever want to sketch a few t-shirt ideas? Here is the perfect little tool for you. The t-shirt sketcher stencil kit easily outlines t-shirts with ease. Chop down your drawing time. Artists are always looking for that shortcut to increase productivity. That next Threadless idea will morph easier on your paper for the big payoff….

Atlas Shrugged

You can be a modern day Atlas with the world over your shoulders.

The Wienermobile is 75 Years Old

As you wolf down hot-dogs this year, let us celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Wienermobile. The first Oscar Mayer Wienermobile took to the road in 1936. It was created by by Oscar Mayer’s nephew, Carl G. Mayer. There are currently seven Wienermobiles, with each assigned a part of the country. The “hotdogger” position of…

Moat: The Serach Engine for Ads

Moat is the search engine at the end of the universe. Moat is your friendly neighborhood search engine for ads. Many of us are trying to avoid ads like it was a disease. Just imagine a TV station that runs only ads, Moat does just that, it searches for only online ads. I could see…

Coca-Cola: Celebrating 125 Years of Happiness

Coca-Cola has been spreading joy for over 125 years. The world’s most recognized brand is over 125 years old. Officially May 8, 2011, marks the 125th anniversary of the Coca-Cola brand. In those 125 years, Coca-Cola has produced some of the best advertising illustrations that have become iconic to many generations. Coke is as much Americana as apple pie is to America.

Sandbox World Links: Charlie Sheen Banksy

–Charlie Sheen Banksy. The winning conditions trolls. –Comic strip toilet roll reading. Now you can bring a little reading in the toilet just like Jack Kerouac did with “On The Road.” We always knew Cathy was full of sh*t. This is taking toilet humor to whole new level. –Free desktop organizer from IKEA. –Ray Bradbury’s…

Facebook and Twitter Adidas Sneakers

Athletes might dominate the sneaker market, but don’t be too surprised that the branding of both Facebook and Twitter might sell just as much sneakers as the sporting ones. It’s all about branding and the association to a winning product. Gerry Mckay’s designs of Adidas Superstars sneakers based on Facebook and Twitter are not a far…

Mt. Rushmore Comes Alive

[youtube] Here are four friends in rock as they make Mt. Rushmore come alive.

I Can’t Find My Phone

The I Can’t Find My Phone service is so popular that the site went down for awhile. It’s back on once again. It’s a great service for scatter brains out there who lose their phones. If only they could create, I Can’t Find my Remote service also.

Cranky Pressman’s Coasters

Sometimes just a piece of discarded paper will substitute the lonely coaster when you are desperate. Coasters protect your furniture and can be seen at bars. The Cranky Pressman’s coasters are out of this world, maybe just too good to put a wet glass on it. via-papercrave

Inside Periscope Studio Periscope Studio seems like the coolest place to work at. The Portland studio houses 20 artists from different backgrounds in the comic book industry. They feed off each other and are creating some exciting stories and comic book related art onto the world.