Doodles at Starbucks

Sharpie enhancements of paper cup sleeves at Starbucks. I myself am a constant doodler. Doodling keeps the mind sharp, some think it is a sign of laziness. I doodled all my way through school and still do.

Starbucks The Other Half

This is why the universe matters when Tumblr is down. We would not be pleasured by such art as this other half of the Starbucks logo.

Trenta: Starbucks Giant Size Cup Bigger Than Your Stomach

Are we finding new ways to either kill ourselves or clog hospital halls with our gastronomical follies. The new glutton size Starbucks cup is bigger than the average stomach? Do we really need this? I guess our eyes are truly bigger than our stomachs. The cup is called the Trenta (31-ounce cup) with the biggest…