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LEGO Ideas Typewriter Box

New LEGO Ideas Typewriter

    The LEGO Group has revealed the new LEGO® Ideas Typewriter set which is set to delight the most seasoned wordsmiths and fans of all things vintage. Designed by LEGO fan, Steve Guinness from Chester, UK, as part of the LEGO® Ideas platform, the LEGO Ideas Typewriter is based on a contemporary typewriter model of a bygone era, including the one used by LEGO Group founder Ole Kirk Christiansen.

    Ghost World Typewriter

      There might be a ghost of a chance you will use this Ghost World typewriter. Do people still use those dinosaurs? I hated the white-out.

      USB Typewriter

        The USB Typewriter serves as an exceptional keyboard dock for your iPad or tablet computer, seamlessly blending the timeless elegance of a classic typewriter with the modern functionality of contemporary devices.