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Daylight Saving Time Explained

    [youtube] I just cheated father-time and gained an hour. Daylight Saving Time explained. Winter is coming!

    The Poop Cycle

      [youtube] So what happens when you flush your poop? There is more to poop than you thought.

      The Origin of Mr. Clean

        [youtube] Ever wonder how your favorite bald mascot came to be? Watch Mr. Clean grow up from an orphaned child to an adult.

        Bike Limbo

          [youtube] Forget car surfing. It’s bike limbo time. ObamaCare was created for guys like Tim Knoll.

          Thank You Mask Man

            [youtube] The Lone Ranger and Tonto are back. I could not help it but to think of Lenny Bruce’s perceived homophobic cartoon called Thank… Read More »Thank You Mask Man