Teletoon Retro

Teletoon the the Canadian version of Cartoon Network is releasing this fall their new 2nd tier channel called Teletoon Retro a spin-off of Boomerang. The name gives it all away. These are your dad’s cartoons and in some cases even your grand-father’s cartoons too. Here is a star studded lineup of classic animation. Of interest will be Rocket Robin Hood, "Rocket Robin Hood, the happy outlaw of outer planetary space, is the direct descendant of Robin Hood of old. He’s fast, with a joyful laugh, a ready jest, and a quiver full of futuristic arrows. Robin robs from the cosmic rich to give to the astral poor. He’s fun. He’s fantastic. Rocket Robin Hood, merriest of the Merry Men in the astounding year, 3000."

The Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show