Test Tube Aliens Evil

Dissolve cocoon to bring your Test Tube Aliens  to life. Feed it carefully as it grows into an adult alien. Discover what it needs by monitoring its heartbeat. Keep Alive with just the right amount of food and light. Web Interactive! Verify your alien’s age, set special modes, get secret codes, check health status and much more! Shako: Evil, viscious and never to be trusted. Is loyal to no one. He kills his prey by poisoning them with his infectious saliva. He grips his prey with his razor sharp claws, and pierces the skin with his teeth. He then hangs on and waits for the infection to take effect. Usually his victims die within two days, but a strong and healthy victim can survive for weeks. That doesn’t bother Shako, he just hangs on and waits; they always die in the end. Evil through and through, don’t underestimate Shako. Read more>>