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The ACME Corporation

    The ACME corporation poster

    The ACME Corporation poster has garnered significant attention on Kickstarter, piquing interest due to the nuanced legal considerations surrounding intellectual property. A question that lingers in the minds of many is whether Warner Brothers will permit individuals to profit from ideas reminiscent of ACME. Surprisingly, the studio does not possess a copyright claim over the name.

    Notably, illustrator Rob Loukotka has already successfully sold more than 2,000 posters, and the momentum continues to build. Had it not been for the substantial volume of posters sold, the legal aspects of this situation might have remained inconspicuous. The crux of the matter is whether this poster genuinely qualifies as fair use, and only time will unveil the answer to this complex query.

    Irrespective of the legal intricacies, it’s essential to commend Rob Loukotka for his artistic achievement. This poster stands as a testament to his creative prowess, resonating with enthusiasts and collectors alike. Kudos to Rob for his outstanding work.

    Loukotka is walking a legal tightrope. He is mass producing merchandise based on a corporation’s intellectual property. If this was just a collection of random items with the name Acme on them, no one would ever buy the poster. It’s only because of the role these invented Acme items have played within a series of animated shorts that they are recognizable and of interest to the general public. (source)